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Some people may not be aware that at the Hills Veterinary Centre we have a special area specifically for feline boarding! We have the capacity to house up to 18 cats comfortably in their own, spacious cat runs. Our runs have multiple levels, allowing three dimensional space for your cat. The runs do not face each other, so nervous cats feel less threatened.

If you would like to have a look at the cattery please give us a ring to arrange a suitable time on (08) 8278 4147.

Please note the cattery is usually full over school holidays, public holidays and particularly Christmas and the New Year so early booking for these periods is essential.

Will my cat be excercised daily?

The cattery has a large play area where cats are able to run around in and stretch their legs twice a day, in this area we have tunnels, toys, scratching posts and plenty of enrichment for the cats to keep them busy! We strive to ensure cats feel as much at home as possible in our cattery, to do this we have the radio playing for them during the day. We also have a Feliway Diffuser on at all times in the cattery to put the cats at ease as much as possible. We also have a cat-max play area where we rotate the cats to run around and stretch their legs for the whole day.


What should I bring?

We supply an array of Hills Science Diet dry food (including varieties such as Kitten, Adult, Senior, Light, Hairball/Indoor and t/d). You do not need to bring any bowls, litter trays or anything, we make it easy by supplying it all for you! We even have bedding, however if you prefer, you may bring your own bedding so your beloved feline friend can have the smell from home surrounding them for the length of their stay here. We just ask that if you want your cat to have wet food or if your cat is on a special diet, you will need to supply the food for your cat. Please label all belongings.


Can more than one cat fit in a run?

Yes, 2 cats can comfortably stay in one run together (if they are friendly with each other). Please make sure to let the nurse on reception aware when you book your cats in if you are wanting to board them together or separately.


My cat has an illness and is on medications, can they still stay at the Hills Veterinary Centre Cattery?

The benefit of having a cattery in a veterinary clinic is having fully trained veterinary nurses available to check your cat if any problems arise and administer medications as required. The vets and nurses are able to administer treatment immediately if anything were to happen while your beloved furry family member is in our care.

Call backs for administering medication are also available for Sundays and Public holidays when we are closed, at an additional fee.


What are the costs involved?

Costs will depend on how many cats are boarding, the length of their stay and if they require any medications. Please contact the friendly staff at Hills Vets for more information.


Does my cat have to be vaccinated to board at Hills Veterinary Centre?

All cats need to be fully vaccinated against cat flu and feline enteritis (F3 vaccination) before boarding. If your cat is due for a booster just before their stay or during their stay with us, you can book an admit with a veterinarian so they can administer the vaccination when you drop them off for boarding to save you a trip. Proof of vaccination will be required on admit to the cattery.


Are there specific times for admits and discharges into the cattery?

We recommend dropping your cat off between 8am and 4pm on weekdays and between 9am and 1pm on Saturday, particularly if you would like to go down with the nurse to settle you cat in. After 4pm weekdays and between 1pm and 4pm on Saturdays we have skeleton staff on so after this time settling them in yourself is not possible, but our friendly nurses are certainly happy to do that for you! There is the possibility of dropping off on Sunday between 10am and 1pm, but as staff members are mainly there for emergency treatments you will not be able to take your cat down to settle them in. Pick-ups can be any time within our opening hours.

Please allow 5-10 minutes when you are dropping off your cats for boarding to have a chat with the nurse and fill out the boarding consent form.





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