Pre-Anaesthetic Instructions for dogs and cats

Please remember that all dogs and cats must be fasted for 12 hours prior to anesthesia. You can feed your pet the evening before the surgery but then remove all food bowls by eight pm, and ensure they can not steal anything. You can leave water down overnight.

To make anaesthesia as safe as possible we use the newest and safest anaesthetics available. However a small risk is always present. All surgical patients receive pain killers, intravenous fluids and the anaesthetic is monitored at all times by a trained Veterinary Nurse. All patients are given a pre-med, anaesthesia is induced with intravenous drugs and patients are kept anaesthetised with gas (isoflurane), via endotracheal tube.

When you drop your pet off the vet or nurse will complete an admit form and discuss pre-anaesthetic blood tests which are strongly recommended. Please allow about 15 minutes when you drop your pet off for us to explain everything.

For more information please contact the clinic, or ask the nurse on the morning of surgery.

Please contact the Centre if you have any queries.