Ear Mites

There are several different types of mites which live on or in your pets ears and they are a completely separate species of insect from fleas.

Otodectes ear mites mainly effect young animals, older animals can become infected after a new puppy or kitten has entered the household The mites cause intense itchiness. The ears will appear red and there will be scratching. You also have a black, waxy discharge and sometimes head shaking.

The paprika mite (tromibiculid mites), usually affects adult cats.They are picked up from the environment when your cat goes outside. Paprika mites appear as tiny, bright orange spots over the outside of the ears. They are very itchy and often the ears get quite scratched and scabby. Sometimes the scabs will extend over the head & neck and will often bleed


Treatments for different types of mites and ear infections are possible and depend on what is causing the problem. It is best to make an appointment to see the vet to have the problem properly diagnosed & treated.