Health Check

Health Check at Hills Vet Centre

Each year both dogs and cats require vaccinations to protect against disease. Whilst visiting the vet for these vaccinations routine health checks are performed, looking, feeling and listening for anything out of the ordinary and the vet will discuss any concerns that you have about your pet. As well as a physical examination, if a urine sample is brought it will be analysed free of charge.

Urine Sample Analysis

Urine can tell us some important things about what is going on internally, things that we would not be able to see or feel from the outside.

The urine is analysed to show how concentrated it is, whether there is any glucose, protein or blood cells and if there are certain toxic products present. Subtle changes to the urine can be signs that early, subtle disease may be present. This means if any abnormalities are found, treatment can be started earlier when it can be more effective, and further disease can be prevented.