Monique Fabri

My journey with Hills Vet started in 2016, completing all my placement hours here. Two and a half years later, and a qualified Veterinary Nurse, I could not be happier to be welcomed as part of the team. During my short time here I have encountered such support from a beautiful team who help me strive and learn each and every day. It truly is lovely to know I am right where I want to be – in my dream job. Like most people in this industry, I grew up knowing I wanted to be a Vet Nurse, collecting caterpillars and ladybirds from our back garden, insisting they needed care, only to take them into bed with me and have mum find them crushed in the morning. My partner is happy I no longer do this.

Penny Lane, my beautiful kitty, is my pride and joy. She came into my life December 2017 when she was brought into the clinic as a stray. I fell in love instantly. In her short time in this world she has managed to break her pelvis and cut open her leg – both resulting in surgery. When she's not injuring herself, she's usually right by my side, chatting away, or sitting in the bath demanding that I run the taps – she loves water!

When I’m not working I spend my time looking after my endless array of plants, losing myself in books, watching movies or sharing a glass of wine with my friends.