Dr Jane Kendall

Special interests:

  • Geriatrics & palliative care

  • Rabbits &small mammals

  • I131 treatment for hyperthyroidism in cats


I was educated at Glasgow University in the UK and qualified in 1989. I worked initially in mixed practice in North Yorkshire where I was the first female veterinarian in the area. I swapped to 100% companion animals in 1994 and I worked in a large 24 hour and referral clinic for 12 years before moving to Adelaide with my family in 2006. 

I joined Hills Vet Centre in Blackwood shortly after arriving, initially just as an associate but more recently as practice manager as well.

I love my job and enjoy the variety of patients & cases which we see at Hills Vet Centre.

I developed an interest in treating rabbits and other small mammals while working in the UK where they are very common household pets and have been able to apply my knowledge here where pet rabbits are definitely on the increase. 

I am also have a particular interest in treating endocrine (hormonal) disease. I am one of only two vets in SA that is licensed to use radioactive iodine to treat cats with over active thyroid glands. This simple treatment cures the otherwise life long disease with no need for ongoing medication.

I have more recently developed an interest in geriatrics & palliative care which is becoming increasing relevant with an ageing pet population. It is very satisfying to help our pets age comfortably & with dignity.

I live locally with my husband and have 2 grown up daughters & a 14 year old Border Terrier called Syd.

In my spare time I go to the gym, hike, read & play golf (rather badly!)