Jessica Walker

I completed my Certificate IV in Veterinary nursing at TAFE SA in 2013, and I was lucky enough to join the wonderful team at Hills Veterinary Centre the next year. The thing I enjoy most about Vet Nursing is surgical nursing. I strive to provide the highest level of care to my patients, particularly monitoring patients under anaesthesia, in recovery from surgery and during their hospital stay. I am proud that I am able to provide love and care to those who cannot speak or care for themselves. I am often watching webinars & reading articles at home in my spare time to ensure my skills and knowledge are continuously up to date!

I have also just recently been promoted to Head Nurse. I am so excited to start this new role overseeing my fellow nurses and the operations of the clinic.

My husband, Beau, and I have a 1 year old cockatiel named Wicket. We love watching her forage and play. Her favourite things are head scratches, native wattle leaves and chewing on my glasses!

I spend most of my spare time with my family and friends. I love reading and you will often find me at the local library & second-hand book shops (I read Harry Potter books almost every night!!!). I am also slightly obsessed with Disney movies, Musicals, playing board games & going to the zoo!